Exam (VE) Sessions

Ready to take the exam?

Passing the test at Field Day!

When you feel ready, we offer proctored exam sessions through the ARRL VEC (volunteer examiner coordinator) program on the last Saturday of every month at 9AM in the Bloomfield Police Department Training room, except for holidays when exams are one week earlier. If you have any questions, or need directions, please contact us ahead of time at W1CWA@arrl.net –  Please DO NOT call the police department.

We can proctor exams for the Technician, General, or Amateur Extra levels. If you pass the Tech or General test and feel ready, we are happy to proctor the next level right there!

What to Bring With You

We follow the ARRL’s guidelines and FCC rules in conducting the exams. Please check the ARRL website for the latest update on what are acceptable exam room items.

At a minimum, you need:

  1. A legal photo ID (driver’s license, passport) or two (2) other acceptable IDs.
  2. Social security number (SSN) or FCC registration number (FRN) if you previously registered with the FCC.
  3. Original copy AND a photocopy of your current amateur radio license if you have one AND any certificates of successful completion of the exam (CSCE) for previous test sessions.
  4. Two number 2 pencils (we have a few to give out, but if too many people show up, we could be short, so please bring your own).
  5. Erasers (if you make mistakes)
  6. Pen to fill out the Form 605 license application
  7. calculator with memory erased. No smartphones or calculators with embedded formulas are allowed.
  8. Check, money order, or cash to pay the $15 fee. Please bring exact change. We do not take credit cards.

What You Can’t Bring or Use:

  1. Cell phones must be silent and cannot be used during the exam.
  2. Smartphones and ipods are not permitted to be used
  3. laptops / netbooks / tablets, including iPads are not allowed
  4. papers with notes – we will give you blank scratch paper
  5. no cheat sheets – we will give you blank scratch paper
  6. transmitting or receiving devices, including amateur radio cannot be used during the exam. You’ll have plenty of time when you pass the test!

Practice Tests

There are some excellent resources to help with studying. Some are from ARRL, some are from other vendors, or even free. The FCC makes the test pool and answers available for free also. For more information, please visit the ARRL Study aid website.

Testing at Schools or Special Events

We have been asked on occasion to proctor tests for groups of students or prospective hams in school electronics classes and other special events. Our VE team is happy to try and accommodate. Please note that when the test involves minors, parental or guardian permission may be needed to release the social security number to pass it to the FCC.

The test session must also be announced publicly ahead of time via the ARRL, so please don’t ask us to arrange a “private” or “secret” test session.

To find out more about having us serve as VEs at your school or event, please contact VE team leader-liaison Don Wilson, K1IN

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