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28 Aug

All Bloomfield ARES Members Stand Down as of 1300 EDT – August 28, 2011

Thank you for your service and cooperation during this event. At the next in-person meetingon September 13, 2011 I will go over a debriefing on our performance and areas for improvement in future activations.


26 Aug

All Bloomfield ARES Members Stand Down as of 1300 EDT – August 28, 2011

Thank you for your service and cooperation during this event. At the next in-person meeting on September 13, 2011 I will go over a debriefing on our performance and areas for improvement in future activations.

ARES Member General Instructions

See Member Handbook and Frequency List (ICS-205) under ARES Documents. PRINT THESE DOCUMENTS and keep them with you, along with log paper, blank Radiograms, and your equipment operating manuals. KNOW YOUR EQUIPMENT. Also keep personal medication lists, and other items needed for your own safety and welfare. DO NOT self-deploy and endanger yourself for any reason, including because you want to “be a hero” or “help out” – YOUR safety is the priority.

If you are an active ARES Operator in the Connecticut Area, the following applies to you (from N1CLV):

Anticipating significant impact in our area from Hurricane IRENE over the weekend, I am raising the CT ARES activation level to a Level 2 Standby effective at 1800 EDT, Friday, 26 August 2011. I expect to go to Level 3 Deploy on Saturday, 27 August 2011.

As part of our CT ARES preparations for Hurricane IRENE, we will hold an SM/SEC Net at 2000 EDT, Friday, 26 August 2011, on the KB1AEV linked-repeater system. All ARES/SKYWARN/NTS operators are requested to join this net. I will conduct the call-up by CT ARES Regions.

As soon as possible please contact your ARES District Emergency Coordinator (DEC) to advise him of your availability to assist. We expect to need a lot of operators to staff Red Cross shelters across the state. You should NOT, repeat NOT, deploy without a specific assignment from your DEC, ADEC, EC, or other competent authority.

Please ensure that you and your equipment are prepared to assist our Served Agencies. Ensure arrangements are in place to keep your families safe should you be asked to deploy.

Please monitor SKYWARN advisory emails and your regular news/weather media to keep informed of the storm’s progress and the expected consequences.

Remember, your first priority is the safety of you and your family!!

73 & Thanx, Wayne Gronlund, N1CLV
Connecticut Section Emergency Coordinator
Amateur Radio Emergency Service(r) (ARES(r))

MS Walk 2011 Re-cap

10 Apr

A great event whose communications needs were again met in part by the operators of ARES Region 3. Here are some of the pictures by AC1N of the event.

From Roger, Net Contol for the event:

April 10, 2011

Good afternoon to all:

I’d like to thank you all for your time this morning. For some of you, it was your first time helping out on the walk. We had extra people this year, and I hope you didn’t mind, doubling up at several of the rest stops. We had more walkers than usual, and there was an issue with signs being placed in the wrong places which caused confusion among the walkers. I’m hoping this gets resolved by next year. I learned a lesson to make sure my batteries are charged, although I managed to get through without needing a back up ht. WE didn’t have any true emergencies, except for the one woman who had a knee problem, and she received prompt medical attention. Also, I hope that we can have a radio operator ride with the supply truck next year. I managed to get a nice rest in after lunch, and maybe some of you did? Everybody have a great Summer, and we look forward to be working with you folks next year.

73 from
Roger k1pai

MS Bike Tour June 5!

4 Apr

Once again we are supporting the MS Bike Tour leaving from Windsor CT on Sunday June 5 with communications support. The tour includes options for up to 100 miles and goes through the towns of Ellington, Suffield, Thompsonville, and even dips briefly into Massachusetts. It covers a wide area and requires good coordination amongst the volunteers at the various checkpoints.

Last year was a busy for us during the event when severe weather and a tornado warning rolled in – we assisted in shutting down the tour early due to safety concerns. It was a good example of how a public service event can be excellent practice for real emergency operations in terms of organization and traffic handling under pressure.

While we hopefully will not have such excitement this year, we do encourage operators both experienced and new to help out with the event. Please contact Mark Simcik, WA1VVB, our Net Control for  the tour, for more information.

Please also keep in mind the MS Walk occurring on Sunday, April 10 in West Hartford. These are very good opportunities to learn the value of amateur radio (and gain experience) that is critical in an emergency activation.

A very big thank-you to Dana and the control operators of the KB1AEV repeater system for use of the repeater last year and permission to use the system again this year.

Original Post:

MS Bike Race June 5th 2011

NOTE: – There are still a few slots available and if you have never been an operator for a bike race or any other type of event they can place you with an experienced person to gain training and prepare for future events.

Hi Folks, It is time to start thinking about the upcoming MS Bike Tour 2011 which is scheduled for Sunday, June 5th, 2011 based out of Griffin Office Park in Windsor, CT.

My daughter Linnea Simcik, KB1HTA, and I, WA1VVB, have stepped up to taking on the pre-organization and actual net control for this year. Here is the link to the MS web pages for the event: Here is the link to the MS web pages for the event:

The scope of the event appears to be the same as last year: 100 mile, 50 mile, 25 mile and 10 mile events all requiring amateur radio coverage.

The rest stops also appear to be similar to last year’s:
1. Greenway Parking Lot
2. Tuckahoe Turf Farm
3. Suffield Veterinarian
4. Somersville School
5. Ellington Green
6. East Windsor Park
7. Suffield Fire Department
8. Duncaster Fire Department

PLEASE NOTE: We have been working on using the linked repeater system again as last year with the Mt. Tom machine as an alternative for this tour. Details will follow when the permissions have been granted. Any comments on this would be appreciated.

Here are the action items for each of you:
1. Can you commit to helping out this year? Please respond *immediately* with an email saying “yes” or “no”.
2. Do you have a particular mode, times, or location of service that you prefer? As usual, we are trying to place everyone in the roles that they have filled before. Please indicate your preference.
3. Please look over the list of addressees for this email. Did we forget anyone? Is there someone new who wishes to help?
4. Any suggestions or lessons learned from last year that you wish to make us aware of would be appreciated.

We look forward to working with each of you again this year.

Thank you & 73,
Mark Simcik, WA1VVB
Net Control, MS Bike Tour 2011, Windsor, CT
Bloomfield Amateur Radio Club

ARES Spring Training – suggestions wanted!

28 Feb

Per the Monday night ARES net, Jonathan (KB1KIX – DEC for Region 3) is soliciting suggestions for the upcoming ARES training workshop. Please contact Jonathan directly with your suggestions. Currently, APRS and packet seem to be the most popular choices.

Keep in mind that the NEW ARES Region 3 member handbook is now available for download at http://ctarea3.net/blog/?page_id=31

For additional regional ARES information, visit the main Region 3 page at http://ctarea3.net or the Connecticut-wide ARES page at www.ctares.org.