On-Air Meeting Held Dec. 17, 2013

13 Jan

Due to the snow, the in-person meeting for December 17 was cancelled.

Instead, we held a very productive on-air meeting. Attached, please find the minutes from the on-air, and we look forward to seeing you at the first in-person meeting of 2014, on Tuesday January 21st (3rd Tuesday) at Bloomfield Town Hall.



BARENS January 7, 2014

8 Jan

KB1WFF Called the net at 7pm EDT


  1. kb1ynt Bob Canton Batt
  2. w1fte Skip Grandby Comm
  3. wa1icn Ashley Simsbury Batt
  4. n1en Mike Paq. Batt
  5. w1sl Woody Bloomfield Comm
  6. k1in Don Bloomfield Comm
  7. n1abn Dick Grandby Batt
  8. ab1lz Bill Weatogue Batt
  9. ab1ux Niel (new member) Simsbury Batt
  10. k1az Jim Suffield Comm
  11. kb9iki Jerimey Bloomfiled Com?
  12. kb1zhb Ike Vernon Batt.


  • Bob kb1ynt reported tax id and a new account for the club had been set up, more details at the face to face meeting this month.
  • Skip w1fte is planning a trip to a battery shop in Bloomfield on Friday.  Several had comments about the trip
  • Michael n1em welcomed new xtra class ham ab1ux Jim who is a new member.
  • Bill ab1lz reported an update to the ARRL site.
  • kb1wff reported on a possible repair lab at the Vintage Radio and Communications Museum. And closed the net at 7:29pm edt.

Tuesday, Dec. 17 Meeting CANCELED – Snow Update

17 Dec

Due to the inclement weather – we have called off tonight’s in-person meeting. Please join us on-air 146.820(-) for an on-air net!

Please drive safely on your way home, and avoid using your radios while driving.

Come join our in-person meeting on December 17 at Bloomfield Town Hall!

Please check back here for updates due to the snow – if it is deemed too unsafe, or the town hall is closed – our next meeting will be on January 21.

BARENS December 10, 2013

17 Dec

Open 7PM, Net control Dan KB1WFF Com power


  1. W1FTE Skip Granby Com
  2. K1PAI Roger Skywarn Wethersfield Com
  3. KB1YNT Bob Canton Bat
  4. N1EN Mike Poquonock Com
  5. W1SL Woody Bloomfield Com


  • W1FTE Again asked for volunteers to help work with the Granby schools
  • K1PAI Busy Skywarn day and warned about black ice and a possible storm over the weekend…Check the Skywarn system for Hartford on the 146.79 repeater.
  • KB1YNT says his home got more than a trace of snow in Canton.
  • N1EN Dusting of snow
  • Hearing nothing else the net was closed at approx. 7:12pm

BARENS December 3, 2013

4 Dec

The following stations checked into the net on the Bloomfield repeater 146.820

Callsign / Name / Battery or Commercial

  1. AB1ZH / Mike / C
  2. KB1WFF / Dan / B
  3. AB1LZ / Bill / B
  4. K1PAI / Roger / C
  5. KB1YNT / Bob / B
  6. K1NKS / Jack / C
  7. K1IN / Don / C
  8. WA1ICN / Ashley / B
  9. N1EN / Mike / C
  10. KB9IKI / Jeremy / C

W1FTE was net controller.

  • Skip explained having contact with a science teacher in the Granby Middle School, getting ham radio into the school. Also helping with electronics in the class room. Skip is working with the education dept. at the League for suggestions and help. Dan volunteered to do ATV after the month of January.
  • Don K1IN reminded the net the December DX association meeting will be taking place at the League. Pizza to be served.
  • Bob KB1YNT said he does not have the rig in the car as it is being fixed after the accident.
  • Roger gave the information for the weather net, Thursday night on the Grandville, MA repeater 147.000. Also Sky warn recognition this Friday and Saturday. See http://www.wx1box.org/node/3374

BARENS and Simplex Test Results, Nov. 26, 2013

28 Nov

Net control was Bill Storey, AB1LZ.  Attached please find the net log, including simplex test results.

Thank you to everyone who participated!


An Exciting Time in BARC History!

20 Nov


Left to Right: Woody (W1SL), Don (K1IN), Ashley (WA1ICN), Mark (K1MGM), Michael (KB1ZHB), Josh (AC1N), Steve (KB1YWA), William (KA1OAS), Michael (N1EN), Bill (AB1LZ), Jack (K1NKS), Dan (KB1WFF), Skip (W1FTE), Bob (KB1YNT), Dan (W1CNI), John (W1CPW).

A Growing Club

Over the last few years, BARC has grown, the repeater has moved to its new home and now provides enhanced communication ability throughout north-central Connecticut, our monthly VE sessions have provided many opportunities for new hams to become licensed, and our presence at Farmers’ Markets have demonstrated ham radio capabilities to those unfamiliar with the service.

Our ARES BARENS team has supported our local emergency responders, our weekly Net draws participants from across the region, and our Field Days have become a popular event for our our own members, the media, and members of the public.

The future looks bright indeed – and we look forward to your joining our club and joining the international fraternity of amateur radio for a lifetime of discovery.


Officer Elections 2013

20 Nov

Officer Elections 2013

Congratulations to the new officers for 2014: Bob, KB1YNT (Treasurer), Dan, KB1WFF (President), Josh, AC1N (Emergency Coordinator), Mark, K1MGM (Vice-President), and Bill, AB1LZ (Secretary). They will take their posts starting in December 2013.

BARENS November 5, 2013

11 Nov

Minutes of the On-Air meeting of November 5, 2013
Time: 1900 hours, Eastern Time


  1. KB9IKI Jeremy – Bloomfield – Battery Power (Portable) Battery
  2. KB1WFF Dan – Bloomfield- Weatogue – Battery
  3. KB1ZBH Luke – Bristol – Commercial
  4. AB1ILZ Bill – Weatogue – Battery
  5. N1EN Michael – Windsor – Commercial
  6. K1PAI Roger – Wethersfield – Commercial
  7. WA1ICN Ashley – Battery – Simsbury
  8. W1FTE Skip – Granby – Commercial

Liaison Stations Checking In: NONE

Matters Discussed:

  • BARC Elections. KB9IKI Jeremy (Net Control) reminded members of the upcoming BARC elections to be held on November 19 at 7:00 PM at the Bloomfield Town Hall.
  • Weather Station. KB1WFF Dan reported that Weather Station built and donated by Texas Electronics is coming along nicely. The builder has also donated some repair parts. Additional donations to the project are welcome.
  • ARES S.E.T. AB1LZ Bill informed the net that this coming Saturday and Sunday, November 9 and 10, the Connecticut Section of ARES would be conducting a Simulated Emergency Test over 3 nets, based upon a hypothetical weather system with previous flooding coming in from the west, potentially affecting the electric power grid. WA1ICN Ashley contributed to the discussion, pointing out that not all available repeaters in the area have battery backup, and that we need to be aware which do, and which do not. Frequencies for these nets will be BARENS 146.820, 145.230 and ARES Simplex Delta, 146.460. These nets will start Saturday at approx. 10:30 and go until noon. WA1ICN Ashley recommended that members load the ARES frequencies into their scanners and listen in.
  • SKYWARN. K1PAI Roger informed the net that on Friday and Saturday there would be Simulated Reports passed via a SKYWARN net on 146.79 MHz, PL 82.5, as part of the S.E.T. He was going to discuss the SET plans on Thursday night’s net, 146.79 due to the SET.
  • New ARRL Tour Guide. W1FTE Skip reported that he had trained a new Tour Guide at ARRL.

Jeremy Sachs (KB9IKI) Net Control

BARENS October 29, 2013

31 Oct


  1. K1NKS Jack – West Hartford (Net Control)
  2. AB1LZ Bill – Weatogue
  3. KB1WFF Dan – Weatogue
  4. KB1ZHB Mike – Vernon
  5. K1PAI Roger – Wethersfield
  6. KB1YNT Bob – Canton


  • AB1LZ reminded the group about the ARES Simulated Emergency Test scheduled for 11/9 & 11/10
  • KB1WFF announced the airing of the American Experience PBS Special on 10/27 at 2100 featuring artifacts from the Vintage Communications Museum
  • K1PAI reminded the group about the weekly Hartford-Tolland County Weather Net each Thursday at 2100 on 146.79

Thanks and 73,