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Updated Net Script

10 Dec

Please see below, or on the Net Script page, the updated Net Control script for our weekly BARENS net.

Available as a Word file: BARENS NET SCRIPT DEC 8 2015.

Bloomfield Amateur Radio Emergency Net & Service

Net Control Operator/Station Guide
Revised December 2015


The Net Manager assigns Net Control Operators. Please start the net promptly. If the assigned Net Control Operator has not started the net, any member familiar with this guide should take the initiative and act as Net Control Operator and call the net.

When the assigned Net Control Operator knows he or she cannot start the net, the Net Manager should be notified ahead of time so that an alternate can be assigned. As Net Control Operator, you should ALWAYS maintain control while the net is in session. You decide whose turn it is to talk, and tell each checked in operator when to go ahead. If an operator talks out of turn, you should ask that operator to stand by and then give the go ahead to the operator actually due to transmit. Always use your authority with courtesy. Show firmness when necessary, conducting yourself in a “professional” manner.

Maintain CALM & INTELLIGENT control over the net. Be patient when a person is speaking. Use good judgment in curtailing discussions that drag on or get too far off track. Net discussions should proceed as long as is necessary. Casual conversation can continue after the net is closed and the repeater is turned over for regular use.


(1) “Calling the BARENS Net, calling the BARENS Net; calling the Bloomfield Amateur Radio Emergency Net & Service. This is Net Control Operator (your name, call sign).
This is a directed net, which meets at 7:00 p.m. local time every Tuesday, except for the 3rd Tuesday of each month. “

“On each 3rd Tuesday, we meet at 7:00 p.m. at the Bloomfield Town Hall. We are using our W1CWA repeater on 146.82 Mhz. The purpose of this meeting is public service emergency preparedness, primarily for the North Central Connecticut area.“

(2) “Check-ins are asked to key your microphone momentarily. Then listen to make sure you are not doubling with another station trying to check in. Check-ins for the net please call now, giving your call sign, name, town and whether or not you are using emergency power or commercial power. This is (your call sign), Net Control Operator.“

(3) Listen for check-ins. Write them down in the order they check in, using a standard net log sheet, listing your call at the top of the list.

(4) After the first group of check-ins has called in, acknowledge each station by repeating their call signs clearly. Next, ask for additional check-ins, writing them down and acknowledging them.

(5) After receiving the first check-ins, call for liaison stations, by saying, “Are there any liaison stations, or stations from outlying areas ? Please call now.” Add to your list any liaison stations as check-ins, and make a note in the COMMENTS column of what town they are calling from.


(1) With the net in full session, if there are any mobile stations checked in, ask them to come first with any business or comments. Then go down the remaining list of check-ins asking for any business or comments. Give each check-in a turn to state their business and comments.

(2) After each check-in has their turn(s), ask: “Is there any final business for the net before we close ? Are there any final check-ins for the net ?” Write them down, if there are any, and offer them a turn to state any business or comments for the net.

(3) Before closing the net, ask “Are there any additional comments before we close the net ?”

(4) As soon as net business is finished, close the net with “Thank for checking in and giving your comments. This has been a regular session of the Bloomfield Amateur Radio Emergency Net & Service. The net is now closed and the repeater returned to regular use. This is (your call sign, Net Control Operator. Goodnight.”


Field Day 2015 Summary

18 Aug

This year we claim a few fewer points, 388, with much of our team away, but we again enjoyed Talcott Mountain State Park, 900+ ft ASL overlooking the beautiful Farmington Valley in Central CT! We did 51 CW QSOs and 92 on phone.

We also used a new logging software, the excellent open-source Cloudlog (available for free on Github). For a server we ran a Beaglebone Black Rev. C, and we had several Raspberry Pi’s as clients.

Next year, we may develop our own Web API, and use SSB (single-site browsing) to log a little more efficiently, but again use the web over a local intranet set up on site for FD.

The pavilion we use is right near the historic Heublein Tower – it’s a site that gives us great coast-coast opportunities even with the pile-ups FD brings!

_IR_0159 _IR_0170 _IR_0171 _IR_0178 _IR_0181 _IR_0183

BARENS Net Log April 29, 2014

29 Apr

Josh (AC1N) Net Control:

wa1icn ashley simsb batt ann: upcoming event in granby hx has been mixed. Simplex / rptr. Use has been tried. Skip pls. report rptr in use. Good luck to everyone.
w1fte skip granby comm ann: this sat May 3 Granby foot race. Starts at granby hs rt 10/202 s. to mclean game. Comms needed in mclean game refuge. Need 2 more hams. Granby cert also involved. Start 8:30am, 8am position time. 2.5hr duration. 2/3 positions in the woods, require walking. Contact skip if can help. Rptr. TBD
k1nks jack whart comm no comments or ann
kb1wff dan weat comm busy wk at the museum. Poss sstv gear coming in!
kb1ynt bob canton batt comm: check from state for club from unclaimed funds rxd.
k1pai roger weth comm comm: flood watch for all ct wed nt through thrs. Pm. Dryer wknd.
n1en michael poqu comm no comments or ann
ab1lz bill weat batt ann: k1cct nts training at eg eoc tomorrow (wed nt)
w1sl woody bloom batt no comments or ann
n1abn dick granby comm no comments or ann
kb1zhb mike vernon comm no comments or ann
kb9iki jeremy bloom batt comm: thank you for helping me with 2nd net control

no liaisons- net closed 21:25

Tuesday, Dec. 17 Meeting CANCELED – Snow Update

17 Dec

Due to the inclement weather – we have called off tonight’s in-person meeting. Please join us on-air 146.820(-) for an on-air net!

Please drive safely on your way home, and avoid using your radios while driving.

Come join our in-person meeting on December 17 at Bloomfield Town Hall!

Please check back here for updates due to the snow – if it is deemed too unsafe, or the town hall is closed – our next meeting will be on January 21.

An Exciting Time in BARC History!

20 Nov


Left to Right: Woody (W1SL), Don (K1IN), Ashley (WA1ICN), Mark (K1MGM), Michael (KB1ZHB), Josh (AC1N), Steve (KB1YWA), William (KA1OAS), Michael (N1EN), Bill (AB1LZ), Jack (K1NKS), Dan (KB1WFF), Skip (W1FTE), Bob (KB1YNT), Dan (W1CNI), John (W1CPW).

A Growing Club

Over the last few years, BARC has grown, the repeater has moved to its new home and now provides enhanced communication ability throughout north-central Connecticut, our monthly VE sessions have provided many opportunities for new hams to become licensed, and our presence at Farmers’ Markets have demonstrated ham radio capabilities to those unfamiliar with the service.

Our ARES BARENS team has supported our local emergency responders, our weekly Net draws participants from across the region, and our Field Days have become a popular event for our our own members, the media, and members of the public.

The future looks bright indeed – and we look forward to your joining our club and joining the international fraternity of amateur radio for a lifetime of discovery.


Officer Elections 2013

20 Nov

Officer Elections 2013

Congratulations to the new officers for 2014: Bob, KB1YNT (Treasurer), Dan, KB1WFF (President), Josh, AC1N (Emergency Coordinator), Mark, K1MGM (Vice-President), and Bill, AB1LZ (Secretary). They will take their posts starting in December 2013.

Simplex Training Net – Starting 9/24/13

22 Sep
George Lillenstein, our Region III DEC has asked the various towns to conduct a weekly simplex net.  Michael N1EN has suggested we start out monthly or so doing simplex after our regular repeater net.
I would like to start up a simplex net this Tuesday after the regular net, as I am net control.  It would be helpful to get the information out to the members in advance so that they can prepare with the “bigger guns”, instead of just HTs for the net.
Could you please announce this as a test week for a simplex net, following the regular net?
I would like to start out using ARES Simplex Delta (146.460) for the net this week, possibly changing in the future, as warranted.
Bill AB1LZ

Cookout and Swapmeet Sunday, Sept. 22!

21 Sep

On Sunday, Sept. 22, 2013 at 2pm the Vintage Radio Museum is hosting a cookout and swapmeet.

If you’re a ham, radio collector, tinkerer, or maker and haven’t been to the Radio Museum – you are missing a huge opportunity to check out cool gear, collect / buy old hard-to-find parts, and get advice from the amazing people who hang out there!

Directions here.

Updated 9/21/2013:

The radio museum is also starting radio repair classes and offering crystal radio build classes for all ages!

BARENS Net Control Assignments June 2013

4 Jun

At our May 21 meeting, the following operators volunteered for Net Control.

Remember, if the repeater isn’t working, we use 146.820 in simplex (turn off the auto-shift on your radio).  Also, if the IDer does not work, you must ID for both yourself AND the repeater.

  1. May 28 – Dan KB1WFF
  2. June 4 – Michael N1EN
  3. June 11 – Skip W1FTE
  4. June 18 – Last In-Person Meeting Prior to Field Day

Emergency Maintenance

3 Jun

As of June 6, 2013 20:00 local the repeater is operational. Thank you to Ashley, WA1ICN for carrying out the repairs.

Due to emergency maintenance, the repeater is currently off the air.

The Tuesday net will continue as planned on SIMPLEX 146.820.

Please check back for updates.