Field Day 2015 Summary

18 Aug

This year we claim a few fewer points, 388, with much of our team away, but we again enjoyed Talcott Mountain State Park, 900+ ft ASL overlooking the beautiful Farmington Valley in Central CT! We did 51 CW QSOs and 92 on phone.

We also used a new logging software, the excellent open-source Cloudlog (available for free on Github). For a server we ran a Beaglebone Black Rev. C, and we had several Raspberry Pi’s as clients.

Next year, we may develop our own Web API, and use SSB (single-site browsing) to log a little more efficiently, but again use the web over a local intranet set up on site for FD.

The pavilion we use is right near the historic Heublein Tower – it’s a site that gives us great coast-coast opportunities even with the pile-ups FD brings!

_IR_0159 _IR_0170 _IR_0171 _IR_0178 _IR_0181 _IR_0183


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