BARENS Net Log April 29, 2014

29 Apr

Josh (AC1N) Net Control:

wa1icn ashley simsb batt ann: upcoming event in granby hx has been mixed. Simplex / rptr. Use has been tried. Skip pls. report rptr in use. Good luck to everyone.
w1fte skip granby comm ann: this sat May 3 Granby foot race. Starts at granby hs rt 10/202 s. to mclean game. Comms needed in mclean game refuge. Need 2 more hams. Granby cert also involved. Start 8:30am, 8am position time. 2.5hr duration. 2/3 positions in the woods, require walking. Contact skip if can help. Rptr. TBD
k1nks jack whart comm no comments or ann
kb1wff dan weat comm busy wk at the museum. Poss sstv gear coming in!
kb1ynt bob canton batt comm: check from state for club from unclaimed funds rxd.
k1pai roger weth comm comm: flood watch for all ct wed nt through thrs. Pm. Dryer wknd.
n1en michael poqu comm no comments or ann
ab1lz bill weat batt ann: k1cct nts training at eg eoc tomorrow (wed nt)
w1sl woody bloom batt no comments or ann
n1abn dick granby comm no comments or ann
kb1zhb mike vernon comm no comments or ann
kb9iki jeremy bloom batt comm: thank you for helping me with 2nd net control

no liaisons- net closed 21:25


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