BARENS January 7, 2014

8 Jan

KB1WFF Called the net at 7pm EDT


  1. kb1ynt Bob Canton Batt
  2. w1fte Skip Grandby Comm
  3. wa1icn Ashley Simsbury Batt
  4. n1en Mike Paq. Batt
  5. w1sl Woody Bloomfield Comm
  6. k1in Don Bloomfield Comm
  7. n1abn Dick Grandby Batt
  8. ab1lz Bill Weatogue Batt
  9. ab1ux Niel (new member) Simsbury Batt
  10. k1az Jim Suffield Comm
  11. kb9iki Jerimey Bloomfiled Com?
  12. kb1zhb Ike Vernon Batt.


  • Bob kb1ynt reported tax id and a new account for the club had been set up, more details at the face to face meeting this month.
  • Skip w1fte is planning a trip to a battery shop in Bloomfield on Friday. ¬†Several had comments about the trip
  • Michael n1em welcomed new xtra class ham ab1ux Jim who is a new member.
  • Bill ab1lz reported an update to the ARRL site.
  • kb1wff reported on a possible repair lab at the Vintage Radio and Communications Museum. And closed the net at 7:29pm edt.

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