BARENS December 3, 2013

4 Dec

The following stations checked into the net on the Bloomfield repeater 146.820

Callsign / Name / Battery or Commercial

  1. AB1ZH / Mike / C
  2. KB1WFF / Dan / B
  3. AB1LZ / Bill / B
  4. K1PAI / Roger / C
  5. KB1YNT / Bob / B
  6. K1NKS / Jack / C
  7. K1IN / Don / C
  8. WA1ICN / Ashley / B
  9. N1EN / Mike / C
  10. KB9IKI / Jeremy / C

W1FTE was net controller.

  • Skip explained having contact with a science teacher in the Granby Middle School, getting ham radio into the school. Also helping with electronics in the class room. Skip is working with the education dept. at the League for suggestions and help. Dan volunteered to do ATV after the month of January.
  • Don K1IN reminded the net the December DX association meeting will be taking place at the League. Pizza to be served.
  • Bob KB1YNT said he does not have the rig in the car as it is being fixed after the accident.
  • Roger gave the information for the weather net, Thursday night on the Grandville, MA repeater 147.000. Also Sky warn recognition this Friday and Saturday. See

One Response to “BARENS December 3, 2013”

  1. William Storey December 6, 2013 at 17:32 #

    Michael’s call sign is KB1ZHB, Not AB1ZH.

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