BARENS November 5, 2013

11 Nov

Minutes of the On-Air meeting of November 5, 2013
Time: 1900 hours, Eastern Time


  1. KB9IKI Jeremy – Bloomfield – Battery Power (Portable) Battery
  2. KB1WFF Dan – Bloomfield- Weatogue – Battery
  3. KB1ZBH Luke – Bristol – Commercial
  4. AB1ILZ Bill – Weatogue – Battery
  5. N1EN Michael – Windsor – Commercial
  6. K1PAI Roger – Wethersfield – Commercial
  7. WA1ICN Ashley – Battery – Simsbury
  8. W1FTE Skip – Granby – Commercial

Liaison Stations Checking In: NONE

Matters Discussed:

  • BARC Elections. KB9IKI Jeremy (Net Control) reminded members of the upcoming BARC elections to be held on November 19 at 7:00 PM at the Bloomfield Town Hall.
  • Weather Station. KB1WFF Dan reported that Weather Station built and donated by Texas Electronics is coming along nicely. The builder has also donated some repair parts. Additional donations to the project are welcome.
  • ARES S.E.T. AB1LZ Bill informed the net that this coming Saturday and Sunday, November 9 and 10, the Connecticut Section of ARES would be conducting a Simulated Emergency Test over 3 nets, based upon a hypothetical weather system with previous flooding coming in from the west, potentially affecting the electric power grid. WA1ICN Ashley contributed to the discussion, pointing out that not all available repeaters in the area have battery backup, and that we need to be aware which do, and which do not. Frequencies for these nets will be BARENS 146.820, 145.230 and ARES Simplex Delta, 146.460. These nets will start Saturday at approx. 10:30 and go until noon. WA1ICN Ashley recommended that members load the ARES frequencies into their scanners and listen in.
  • SKYWARN. K1PAI Roger informed the net that on Friday and Saturday there would be Simulated Reports passed via a SKYWARN net on 146.79 MHz, PL 82.5, as part of the S.E.T. He was going to discuss the SET plans on Thursday night’s net, 146.79 due to the SET.
  • New ARRL Tour Guide. W1FTE Skip reported that he had trained a new Tour Guide at ARRL.

Jeremy Sachs (KB9IKI) Net Control


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