BARENS July 30, 2013

2 Aug

Dan KB1WFF was net control from Weatogue, commercial power

The net was started at 7pm EDT.


  1. W1FTE, Skip in Granby Commercial power
  2. AB1LZ Bill in Weatogue Commercial power
  3. K1PAI Rodger in Weathersfield Commercial power.


  • W1FTE reported he had been in contact with a middle school and high school and had positive response to working with students interested in ham radio.
  • AB1LZ agreed it was a good idea, and also discussed a combined ham radio picnic a possibility at the Vintage radio and communications museum in the next few weeks.
  • K1PAI spoke again about the use of an auxiliary frequency for the WX net. instead of the normal 146.79 repeater, 147.000 positive offset with a PL of 127.3 would be used the first Thursday of every month as a test. The first test will be Thursday August 1st at 9pm. The regular Wx net frequency will be used the other Thursdays in the month.

The net was closed at 7:13pm.


Dan kb1wff, Net Control


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