BARENS July 23, 2013

24 Jul


  1. Bill – AB1LZ,Weatogue, Battery Power
  2. Dan – KB1WFF, Weatogue, Battery Power
  3. Mike, KB1ZHB Mike, Vernon, Commercial Power
  4. Skip, W1FTE, Skip Granby, Commercial Power
  5. Roger, K1PAI, Wethersfield, Comm
  6. Bob,KB1YNT, Canton, Battery
  7. Ashley, WA1ICN, Simsbury, Battery Power
  8. Bruce, N1AYS, Suffield, Battery Power – On the input frequency.


  • Dan – VE session at BPD on Saturday
  • Skip – Marconi marine center at the Cape is very worthwhile to see.
  • Tech Class in Winsted
  • Roger Weather net on 146.790 on Thursday at 9:00.
  • Ashley, Repeater is on 5 minute time out.


Bill (AB1LZ)



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