BARENS June 11, 2013

15 Jun

The following stations checked into the net:

  1. KB1WFF Dan Battery
  2. AB1LZ Bill Battery
  3. AB1YNT Bob Commercial
  4. KB1KCB Cliff Commercial
  5. N1EN Mike Commercial
  6. WA1ICN Ashley Battery
  7. Net control – W1FTE Skip Commercial


The net started at 8pm and ended 8:18pm.

Bill AB1LZ thanked those that participated in the Jim Calhoun bike event Saturday the 8th in Simsbury. There were very few problems with communications with the hams that volunteered. Skip thanked Ashley for all his hard work on the repeater. Skip has found the repeater is much better copy in the center of Granby. Ashley said there is a barber shop that has changed hands and the new owner is a ham. Not sure the name of it now but it may have been Avon Barber Shop 136 Hopmeadow St Weatogue just south of Mitchell Volvo.


– 73 Skip W1FTE, Net Control


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