BARENS June 4, 2013

9 Jun

Check ins:

  1. N1EN Michael, Poquonock, Commercial
  2. KB1WFF, Dan, Weatogue, Commercial
  3. K1NKS, Jack, West Hartford, Commercial
  4. AB1LZ, Bill, Weatogue, Battery
  5. KB1ZHB, Mike, Vernon, Commercial
  6. KB1YNT, Bob, Canton, Commercial
  7. WA1ICN, Ashley, Simsbury, Battery


Items of note:

  1. KB1WFF reported on a successful weekend at the museum
  2. AB1LZ commented on the busy-ness of public events season, and noted that AB1GL is still looking for volunteers for the Calhoun Ride on the 8th (especially motorcyclists)
  3. WA1ICN reported that the repeater had been offline for a while to wire in a new CW-IDer. We now have a 3-second squelch tail, CW-ID per FCC rules, a 5 minute time-out, and the repeater will beacon once every two hours.

– Michael D. Adams (N1EN), Net Control


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