BARENS May 28, 2013

2 Jun


Not a very busy net only two checkins at 7pm.

  1. KB1WFF Dan net control
  2. Checkins
  3. AB1LZ Bill Battery power Weatogue
  4. KB1ZHB Mike Commercial power in Vernon.


  • AB1LZ commented He spoke with Ashley Lane wa1icn who has been doing
  • some work on the repeater W1CWA. Bill reported he was told power was
  • at 15 watts and the SWR look good. We do have a squelch tail.
  • KB1ZHB had no other comment.
  • KB1WFF reminded the net there is a swap meet at the Vintage Radio and
  • Communications museum on Saturday starting at 8am
  • On Sunday there will be a traveling car show at about 1pm.

KB1WFF closed the net at 7:08PM


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