BARENS April 30, 2013

1 May

Thank you to Skip, W1FTE for acting as net control.


Station Power (C=commercial power)

  1. KB1ZHB C
  2. KB1WFF C
  3. K1NKS C
  4. AB1LZ C
  5. N1EN C
  6. N1DBS C
  7. N1WPG C
  8. WA1ICN C
  9. K1PAI C


  • Dan KB1WFF talked about WBGH from Boston will be at the Vintage Radio & Communications Museum of CT in Windsor,Friday for a filming of the original Orson Wells radio show “War of the Worlds”.
  • Bill AB1LZ wanted to know if the work party Monday evening got the dipole back up on the pole at the East Granby EOC. Yes we did and thanks very much for all the help.
  • Ashley WA1ICN told us about the repeater power supply spiked and went off line. The repeater went to battery until it died and then went off the air. Don went to the repeater Sunday and reset the power supply and took the battery out. We are running on just the power supply now.
  • Roger K1PAI reminded the net about Sky Warn training May 16th.
  • Skip Said the PVRA repeater 146.640 in Hartford was replaced with a new one after 37 yrs of service. Please use that repeater.

The net ended 7:19pm


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