BARENS March 12, 2013

19 Mar

The March 12th net for BARENS 2013  1900 hrs

Net control kb1wff Dan



  1. n1en Micheal mobile Windsor Batt
  2. k1nks Jack West Hartford Comm
  3. n1wpg Dan Windsor Comm
  4. wa1icn Ashley Simsbury Bat
  5. kb1ynt Bob Canton Batt
  6. ab1lz Bill Weatogue Batt
  7. n1abn Dick Grandby Batt
  8. w1fte Skip Comm.


  • n1en commented he is working on field day on Talcote Mt.
  • wa1icn continues to work on the repeater and with Josh to put in the new control unit
  • ab1lz submitted the insurance and got a better deal saved the club money for other projects
  • w1fte had a slow day at the ARRL but had pile ups at headquarters (all in all a good day for Skip)

Closed the net at 1911 hrs.

Submitted 12/13/2013

Dan Thomas



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