BARENS March 5, 2013

7 Mar

Minutes of BARENS Net for March 5, 2013,7:02 to 7:30pm

Net control: Harv, K1PZS, Granby, Battery power


  1. WA1ICN, Ashley Simsbury Battery
  2. KB1WFF, Dan Windsor Battery
  3. AB1LZ. Bill Weatogue Battery
  4. KB1YNT, Bob Canton Battery
  5. N1ABN, Dick Granby Battery
  6. K1IN, Don Windsor Commercial
  7. KB1YEO, Mario Sandisfield Battery
  8. N1EN, Michael Windsor Battery
  9. KB1YSO, Terry Granby Commercial
  10. N1WPG, Dan Windsor Battery
  11. W1FTE, Skip Granby Commercial
  12. K1PAI, Roger Wethersfield Commercial


Don, K1IN announced that 15 students at Talcott Mountain Academy had an opportunity to ask questions of the International Space Station crew directly by ham radio. Through the efforts of Michael N1EN, Dan KB1WFF, Woody W1SL, and Mark K1MGM, a radio link was operating on the morning of February 28. Local tv coverage can be seen on the Talcott Mountain Academy web site.

Roger K1PAI reminded us about the MS Walk to be held in West Hartford on April 21, using the 146.64 repeater.

There was some discussion about timeliness in applying for the Field Day site, and whether the club should spend the amount for insurance. Net Control referred opinions to the Field Day Committee — Michael N1EN, Mary KB1WFI, and Mike KB1ZHB.

Respectfully submitted,
Harv, K1PZS


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