BARENS February 26, 2013

26 Feb


  1. AB1LZ- Net Control, Weatogue, Battery Power
  2. KD9IKI, Jeremy, Bloomfield, Battery Power
  3. W1FTE, Skip, Granby, Commercial
  4. K1NKS, Jack, W. Hartford, Commercial
  5. KB1WFF, Dan, Weatogue, Battery
  6. KB1ZBA, Luke, New Britain, Commercial
  7. W1CNI, Dan, Bloomfield, HT
  8. KB1YSO, Terry, Granby,Commercial
  9. W1TMS, Michael, Woody, Don Avon, Portable
  10. N1WPG, Dan, Windsor, Portable
  11. N1ABN, Dick, Granby, Battery
  12. W1ICN, Ashley, Simsbury, Battery


ARISS Net on 145.800 Thursday Morning, starting at 10:53 for 11 minutes, Back-up Radio, or TMSC.ORG will stream the conversation

Michael mentioned that the Talcott Mtn Science Center was going to support an Amateur Radio International Space Station QSO on Thursday morning.  Details are provided above, and at TMS.ORG.




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