New Trustee, Committees, and Our First Life Member

24 Feb

At the February 19th meeting a number of exciting changes occurred.

K1QPN – First Life Member of the Bloomfield Amateur Radio Club

Honoring our long-standing former trustee and a founding member of the Bloomfield Amateur Radio Club, the membership voted to induct Don Moore, K1QPN as a Life Member of the Club. Life Membership is the highest honor the club can bestow – and it reflects how grateful we all are to Don for his years of service.

Don is the owner of Moore’s Sawmill in Bloomfield – the oldest continually-operating business in our town.

New Trustee Committee

To clarify the responsibilities of the Club Trustee a new committee was established including outgoing Club Trustee Don, K1QPN, experts in insurance and legal issues, and members who hold club trusteeships for other organizations. The members of the Trustee Committee are directed to “create a designee / control operator structure to comply or satisfy the needs of insuring the repeater operations and protecting all parties involved” including creating a “job description for the position of trustee.”

Field Day 2013 Committee

Getting ready for Field Day (the last full weekend in June) takes a lot of planning and dedication. We’re excited to have the following operators as members of this year’s Bloomfield Amateur Radio Club Field Day committee:

  1. Michael, N1EN
  2. Mary, KB1WFI
  3. Mike, KB1ZHB

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