BARENS January 8, 2013

8 Jan

The following hams checked into the net;

  • W1FTE                                   Skip        net control
  • WA1ICN                                 Ashley
  • AB1LZ                                    Bill
  • KB1YNT/mobile                     Bob
  • KB1WFF                                Dan
  • N1EN                                     Mike
  • KB1WYE (new check in)       David
  • KB1YWV                                Mike


Dan KB1WFF  talked about getting the big Collins FM transmitter on the air at the Vintage Communications Museum in Windsor with one watt.

Mike KB1YWV came to the ARRL Tuesday morning for a tour given by Skip W1FTE.  He suggested going to a web site, electronics enthusiast, amateur (ham) radio operator, inventor, entrepreneur, author website developer.  The next in person meeting, 3rd Tuesday of the month, will be held at the Vintage Communications Museum, Tuesday the 15th at 7pm.  Dan will be giving a tour and talking about the big transmitter.  Please try to attend as the museum is very interesting and the museum is opening its doors for us in the evening.

– 73 Skip  W1FTE


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