BARENS December 11, 2012

14 Dec

There was no assigned net control operator for the 12/11/12 Barens net.  kb1wff assumed the duties after checking too see if anyone had been selected.  Hearing from no one kb1wff began the net at 1902 hrs.


Call ins:

  1. kb1wff Dan (Net Control)
  2. kb9iki Jeremy from Bloomfield port.
  3. w1fte Skip Granby, mobile
  4. wa1icn, Ashley Simsbury  base
  5. kb1zba Luke Concord, HT
  6. kb1wfi Mary, Portland, portable.
  7. k1pai, Rodger,  Base
  8. n1en Micheal Windsor mobile
  9. kb1ynt Bob Canton bat.
  10. w1sl Woody, Bat.



  • w1fte Skip spoke briefly about the 2014 ARRL convention, logo and league prep.
  • k1pai Rodger commented weather was looking normal for the season

net control kb1wff ended the net at 1920 hrs.


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