BARENS November 27, 2012

29 Nov

KB1WFF acted as net control at the request of ab1lz.  We did not have anyone assigned for 11/27

I started the net at 19:02 with the following check ins:

  1. KB1WFF Dan (Net Control)
  2. AB1LZ Bill mobile
  3. WA1ICN Ashley in Simsbury. Bat.
  4. N1EN Michael mobile
  5. KB1ZBA Luke in Covington Comm
  6. KB1YNT Bob Canton Bat
  7. W1SL Woody Bloomfield  Bat
  8. KB1WFI Mary Vernon Com.
  9. K1PAI Rodger  Com.
  10. KB9IKI Jeremy Waterbury Com


  • Ashley wa1icn complimented k1pai for Tuesdays presentation to the elmers net on SkyWarn.
  • Rodger k1pai thanked the net and also noted currently SkyWarn is not using the repeater on 147.000 adding it was the back up
  • and it could be used again at a future date once repairs are made.  There was no time table.
  • Jeremy kb9iki asked about any clubs in Waterbury. Bill ab1lz responded he did not know of any but to check with hams in the area. Ashley wa1icn also responded Jeremy should also check for any area repeaters and possible club affiliation.

There was no further business and I closed the net at 19:18


G. Daniel Thomas KB1WFF, Net Control


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