BARENS November 6, 2012

10 Nov


  1. Mary KB1WFI (Net Control)
  2. Dan  KB1WFF
  3. Skip  W1FTE
  4. Roger K1PAI
  5. Bill   AB1LZ
  6. Luke  KB1ZBA
  7. Bob   KB1YNT
  8. Ashley  WA1ICN
  9. Woody W1SL


  • Skip reported that he is researching the history of the club’s call sign W1CWA using the ARRL old call books while at Newington doing his Tuesday tour guide duty.  Roger  had some helpful info to add to what he had gathered this week.    Skip will update us as he digs up more history.
  • Ashley reported that the repeater was up and running throughout the storm dispite the power outage at Avon Mt.   He and Don went up and put in a fresh battery so there would be no interruption.  Thank you to Ashley and Don for such reliable service.


– Submitted by net control operator, Mary, KB1WFI


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