BARENS October 30, 2012

3 Nov


  1. Net control KB1WFF Dan low power base station commercial power.
  2. AC1N Josh  mobile, port batt power
  3. AB1LZ Bill  bat power Weatogue
  4. W1FTE Skip Grandby comm power
  5. KB1ZBA Luke  Bat power
  6. N1EN Michael Seqaunic Com power
  7. K1IN Don Simsbury Com
  8. WA1ICN Ashley Bloomfield Comm
  9. KB1YNT Bob Canton Bat
  10. KB1KCB Cliff Bloomfield Com
  11. K1PAI Rodger Com power
  12. KB1WFI Mary, port



  • Josh AC1IN thanks all who took part during Sandy adding it was a very busy time for many.
  • Bill AB1LZ offered his thanks for participation during the storm as well
  • Skip W1FTE reported going through call books at the ARRL looking at W1CWA history
  • Luke KB1ZBA reported no storm problems but spent time listening to public service traffic.
  • Don K1IN reported on power at the repeater site and swapped out the battery and contact with 6Y9X in Jamaca.
  • Ashley WA1ICN also reported on the issues at the site adding it was still on back up (battery) power
  • Cliff KB1KCB   reported some power loss in Bloomfield but did not need to use backup gen.
  • Rodger K1PAI began SkyWarn at 830 hrs on Monday and handled nets every two hours until11pm Some power outage but short term  and has a new propane genset.

I closed the net at at aprox. 7:25 ( sorry but failed to note exact time on my notes)

-KB1WFF, Dan Thomas, Net Control


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