BARENS August 28, 2012

28 Aug

Net Meeting log Net control operator KB1WFF Dan in Weatogue
Started net at 19:00

Sign in

  1. K1PZF Harv Bat. in Granby
  2. WA1FTE Skip Granby Bat power
  3. WA1ICN Ashly Bat power Simsbury
  4. KB1FJC Phil Simsbury
  5. AB1LZ Bill Weatogue Bat
  6. N1EN Mike in Sequantic
  7. KB1KCB Cliff in Bloomfield
  8. KB1INT Bob Canton
  9. KB1WFI Mary South Windsor
  10. W1SL Woody in Bloomfield Bat.
  11. late check-in WA1ICN

Comments from Ashley about repeater interference at last weeks meeting:

  • Seemed to have cleared.
  • Some discussion as to the possibility of a close in freq. repeater in NY

Mike N1EN commented on the space station pass and the freq. of 145.825 as its contact. Movement South East to North West.

The net closed at 19:17

Dan Thomas KB1WFF


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