BARENS July 31, 2012

1 Aug


  1. KB1WFF Dan Weatogue comm power
  2. AB1LZ Bill Weatogue batt power
  3. W1FTE Skip Granby batt power
  4. AB1OD Michael Poquonock batt power
  5. K1PZS Harv Granby batt power
  6. W1SL Woody Bloomfield batt power
  7. AC2EA Jim Weatogue batt power
  8. AC1N Josh,EC Bloomfield portable


Dan extended his appreciation to AC2EA and to all who assisted and helped out Saturday at the East Granby EOC during the satewide SET drill.

Bill mentioned that if Josh plans to hand in our net info as part of the July SET drill that Mary, Bill, Michael and Dan would qualify as new licensed hams after 2008.

Skip expressed his gratitude to all who helped out w/ the exercise at the E.G. EOC, and especially to Michael for also coming out to the EOC a couple of times today. It was a tremendous help. He mentioned to Woody that he has the rotor and control box and will get them to him.

Michael gave a thanks for the thanks to Skip. He inquired about going to the EOC tomorrow. He said there will be a DX association meeting in August.

Harv checked in w/ greetings all around with a mention of a good turn out for the net. Harv was able to check in during the SET exercise on different frequencies enabling Granby to get on the list. Saturday afternoon the drill was temporarily abandoned on the SKYWARN net for real time weather threats in this area and then returned to the drill.

Woody said he would pick up the items from Skip or at the August in town meeting.

Jim thanked all for having him participate in the drill over the weekend. Jim is an assistant E.C. and assistant R.O. in Erie County, N.Y. He complimented our group in that they were very professional and work well together. He learned a few things from watching on Saturday at the EOC and reported that it was a good drill and a pleasant experience for him.

Josh reported that he did his part on Monday at the Bloomfield EOC. He spoke with Officer Moore of Bloomfield Police, who’s our primary contact for served agence and he requested that Josh be there Monday for that part of the statewide drill. Primarily it didn’t involve amateur radio so much as it did in using the WebEOC software. Overall he said it was very productive and there was a lot of discussion regarding where we fit. Not just in terms of amateur radio, but where we can assist w/ other aspects of the communications at the EOC and in the field, such as at the shelters. He will be sending out a follow up email to our ARES members regarding what was learned.

Bill reported that from the Region 3 North west perspective, we were able to communicate from every one of the region 3 towns into the E. Granby EOC and we also hit the Region 3 Operational EOC which was running out of Suffield through the .09 repeater.

Josh will submit the paperwork to the state crediting the BARENS net participation tonight. Josh gave a wonderful explaination regarding the WebEOC software. It is a website that allows the towns to communicate with one another in real time.
A town will simply post a status message saying, for example, such and such shelters are open, this is the capacity and this is how many beds we have available, etc. and it pops up on everybody’s screen and you can look and follow local situation reports as well as state wide. It ties into the NIMS and ICS framework very closely because there are also segments of it associated w/ finance, planning and that sort of thing. Everything has to have a budget and financial component, everything has to be authorized and done in the correct order or the towns won’t be reimbursed. And while it may seem on the surface that that’s silly, to be thinking about during an emergency, the reality is that towns cannot afford to not finance these things and plan for payment correctly. It is particularly important for all of us involved in ARES to take the ICS 100,200 and NIMS 700 courses to have a better understanding of how we fit into that whole plan. Otherwise, it’s not as easy to see in an operational setting well, ‘why are all these people sitting here? What role do they plaly?’ If you’ve gone thru even the online version of the courses it makes a lot more sense.

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