BARENS July 24, 2012

25 Jul


  1. AB1LZ – Bill, Net Control, Mobile, E. Hartford, Battery Power
  2. W1FTE – Skip, Granby, Battery Power
  3. KB1WFF, Dan, Weatogue, Commercial Power
  4. WA1ICN, Ashley, Simsbury, Battery Power
  5. KB1WFI, Mary, South Windsor, Battery Power
  6. AB1OD, Michael, Pocquonock, Commercial Power
  7. K1IN, Don, Windsor, Commercial Power
  8. W1SL, Woody, Bloomfield, Battery Power
  9. K1PZS, Harve, Granby, Battery Power
  10. KB9IKI, Jeremy, Bloomfield, Battery Power

Discussion centered on possible SET plans, but nobody on the net knew if there were formal plans for Bloomfield.

Bill, Don, Harve, and Michael will be at the VE session at the Bloomfield Police Station on Saturday 7/28 AM and might be available to check in to any nets that are up.  (i.e. E. Granby Net, Region 3 Net, Bloomfield Net??)

-Bill (AB1LZ)


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