BARENS July 17, 2012

22 Jul

Net control was Michael, AB1OD.


  1. AB1OD, Michael, Poquonock, Commercial
  2. KB1WFF, Dan, Weatogue, Commercial
  3. AB1LZ/m, Bill, East Hartford, Battery
  4. WA1ICN, Ashley, Simsbury, Battery
  5. KB1KCB, Cliff, Bloomfield, Generator
  6. K1PZS, Harv, Granby
  7. AC1N, Josh, Bloomfield, Battery
  8. KB1WFI, Mary, South Windsor, Battery

Items discussed:

  • VE Session on Saturday 28th; it will be the first using the new Extra pool exams
  • Josh has a new job, one that may require him to be at work some Tuesday evenings.  Therefore it may be appropriate to revisit the scheduling of eyeball meetings
  • Poison ivy remedies, as a few attendees at Field Day were so afflicted
  • Staples in West Hartford has a buy-one-get-one-free deal on printer ink

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