BARENS Report June 26, 2012

28 Jun

Bloomfield Amateur Radio Emergency Net and Service net started on time at 7pm EST 06/26/2012 with Dan Thomas, KB1WFF as Net Control.


  1. Net control kb1wff (dan) Weatogue Commercial power
  2. Participants
  3. ab1od Mike Sequantic Commercial power
  4. abilz Bill Weatogue Battery power
  5. k1pzc Harv Grandby
  6. kb1hej  Bristol HT
  7. kb1wfi Mary Mobil Glastonbury
  8. wa1icn Ashley Simsbury Bat
  9. w1sl Woody Bloomfield Bat


  1. ab1od Mike thanked field day participants adding points earned were 2524 with a score of 351 contacts down slightly from last year
  2. kb1wfi Mary who co-chaired this years field day thanked Mike and everyone involved
  3. abilz Bill mentioned there would be a VE session at 9AM Saturday
  4. w1sl had some comments on efforts to make a Sat. contact on field day but wished to discuss the issue after the formal net had closed.

kb1wff closed the net at 7:14 PM EST

Additional Note:

I want to personally thank those who took part and for the help and encouragement I have received from the group.
Since I became licensed late last year, I have found amateur radio to be rewarding and a great learning experience.
After 40 years as a broadcaster, and spending countless hours behind the mike and in front of the camera, amateure
radio is a great challenge and the discipline and professionalism I have found quite rewarding.
Thanks to all, 73,

– Dan Thomas


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