Do you know someone who’s new to ham radio? New to Field Day?

18 Jun

The first night of Field Day back in 2010.

Field Day – this coming weekend – June 23-24 – is a great intro to the excitement of ham radio!  From experimenting with antennas in the woods, to setting up portable radio stations and talking to people around the country and world!

Amateur radio is a very diverse hobby:

  • Learn electronics, and build or repair your own radio station equipment
  • restore radios or make replicas of the original sort of equipment used 100 years ago
  • design and build the latest “software defined radio” (SDR) equipment, and invent “the cutting edge”
  • Many professional inventors, engineers, and scientists got their start, and continue to innovate, using amateur radio
  • Talk to people in other countries, ships at sea, airplanes, and the Space Station
  • Communicate by morse code, digital packets, image or television, or voice
  • Be prepared for emergencies and public service needs at the local, regional, or national levels

Amateur radio is what you make of it – come join us at Heublein Tower this weekend – or check out any of the other groups on Google Maps who will have Field Day setups all over Connecticut and around the country.


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