Field Day! Field Day! Field Day! It’s FIELD DAY!!!

13 Jun

Michael, AB1OD shows how to get on the air to a group of kids who stopped by in 2011

Okay, maybe it’s not that exciting… Actually, it is!!!

WHAT is Field Day?

Field day is when amateur radio operators all over North America, and the world get on the air from their homes, parks, emergency shelters, and other areas to test their ability to prepare for emergencies. Setting up antennas in parking lots, trees, and parks and operating throughout different weather conditions with lots of other stations on the airwaves is challenging, fun, and prepares for real emergencies.

Field day is also a time during which members of the public are invited to stop by and get on the air and talk to everyone from stations a few miles down the road, to the other side of the world, and sometimes even astronauts aboard the International Space Station.

Is it Free?

Amateur radio operators do what they do because of enjoyment of meeting new people on the air, trying out or even inventing new wireless technologies, or a desire to help the community. We don’t get paid for our activities – in fact it’s illegal!

Field day is a FREE event for the public, and there is FREE parking at the beginning of the Talcott Mountain trail.

When is Field Day?

Field Day is on Saturday June 23 through Sunday afternoon June 24. You and your friends and your Facebook friends are all invited to join us during daylight hours between 1PM on June 23 (Saturday) and 4PM on June 24 (Sunday).

Where is Field Day?

Many ham radio clubs in the Central Connecticut area will be having Field Day events. We’re going to be up near Heublein Tower, at the covered pavilion in Talcott Mountain State Park, giving us beautiful views and amazing signals!

For more information on our location, including a Google Map, please click here.

Please note: if you can’t make it by the time we are “off air” under Field Day rules, we will still do our best to get you on the air to try ham radio (we just won’t get “points” for it).

Accessibility: The tower and pavilion are accessible by walking. If you need to drive, we do have access to a private road that allows you to drive directly to our location. Please contact Josh, AC1N or Dan, W1CNI for further information.



Unless it’s unsafe, Field Day is rain or shine!


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