BARENS May 15, 2012

22 May

Net started at 7:00pm local time. AC1N, Josh – Net Control.


  1. AC1N, Josh – Bloomfield EC – Portable
  2. AB1LZ, Bill – East Hartford – Mobile / Batt
  3. KB1FJC, Phil – Simsbury – Commercial Pwr.
  4. KB9IKI, Jeremy – Bloomfield – HT
  5. W1FTE, Skip – Granby – Commercial Pwr.
  6. AB1OD, Michael – Poquonock – Commercial
  7. KB1WFF, Dan – Weatogue – Commercial
  8. K1PZS, Harv – Granby – Commercial
  9. K1IN, Don – Bloomfield – Mobile
  10. WA1ICN, Ashley – Simsbury – Battery
  11. N1AYS, Bruce – West Suffield – Commercial
  12. K1PAI, Roger – Wethersfield – Commercial
  13. KB1WFI, Mary – Glastonbury – Mary

Announcements and Discussion:

  1. Skip: Shortly before the net received information about the big test at the end of July – will pass on further info when he can.
  2. Roger: Skywarn training May 16 – tomorrow. Will be at Canton Community Center. 40 Dyre Avenue. No prior registration needed. Must be 16 years old to get certificate.
  3. Mary: Will be carpooling to the Skywarn training. Contact Mary if you are interested – will pick up from Bloomfield Commuter parking on Cottage Grove Rd.
  4. Jeremy — direct to Don, K1IN: Needs help in equipment upgrades. Also has 5000W generator for FD if needed.
  5. Michael: Thank you to Jeremy – but we are set on generator.
  6. Dan (KB1WFF): Has broadcast class DTMF controller for repeater.
  7. Harv: Query – VE Session this weekend (May 19, 2012)?  K1IN: Answer – YES.
  8. Skip: For Jim Calhoun ride participation, contact George, AB1GL directly. If interested in operating from the Vintage Radio Museum during Field day, contact W1FTE.
  9. WA1ICN: Discussion on Skywarn – Skywarn is tremendously valuable around New England and across country. Suggested more weather radar reports / readers. Regarding DTMF – newer units are built into the repeater controller negating need for an older stand-along type.
  10. Roger: Further discussion of Skywarn protocol – limit reporting of what you see on weather radar TV unless designated by NWS or Roger to do that. Multiple operators reading off their TVs creates confusion.

Net closed 7:36PM by AC1N, Net Control.


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