BARENS May 1, 2012

4 May

Net Control was Michael, AB1OD.


  1. AB1OD, Michael, Poquonock, Commercial
  2. W1FTE, Skip, Granby, Commercial
  3. W1SL, Woody, Bloomfield, Battery
  4. K1PAI, Roger, Wethersfield, Commercial
  5. K1PZS, Harv, Granby, Commercial
  6. WA1ICN, Ashley, Simsbury, Battery
  7. KB1WFF, Dan, Weatogue, Commercial
  8. K1IN, Don, Windsor, Commercial
  9. KB1LUT, Battery
  10. KB1WFI/m, Mary, Battery
  11. AC1N, Josh, Bloomfield, Portable

Items discussed:

  • Skip reported on attending a State of CT symposium on this July’s statewide emergency drill, which hams will support (and count as SET this year).  Drill is the last weekend of July (or the following Monday & Tuesday for those towns not wishing to play outside business hours).  More information will be coming via email shortly.
  • Skip also reported on plans to support Granby CERT with the Granby Road Race this Saturday.  Race starts at 8:30, and folks interested in participating should contact Skip.
  • Roger reported that support for the West Hartford walk went well, aside from some sensitivity issues with the 64 machine.  Bruce has been advised and will check up on the repeater, which probably has not been maintained in quite a while.  Next year’s MS Walk may move to a different repeater if sensitivity doesn’t improve.  Rain held off until the very end of the walk, and we received about 3″ as a result of that storm.
  • Ashley reminded folks that Nearfest is this coming weekend; he and Dan (KB1WFF) are planning to attend.

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