Volunteers Needed! MS Tour and Memorial Day Road Race 2012! (Updated)

16 Apr

We need YOU!

MS Bike Tour – June 3, 2012

A big part of amateur radio is public service and we are asking for help for two upcoming events. The first is the MS Bike Tour starting right near Bloomfield in Windsor at the Griffin Office Park. It includes multiple paths from 25 up to 100 miles. Details from the MS Society here. We have hams in vehicles as well as at the tour start/finish, and positioned at rest stops along the way. This is one of our larger events – we’ll be posting more details soon about how many operators we will need and equipment requirements. In the past a 2m HT and magmount preferable were the only recommendations.

Bloomfield Memorial Day Road Race – May 28, 2012 – 9:30AM

This is a fairly short event through Bloomfield’s town center. We need 3 or 4 hams with HTs. No APRS required. We coordinate with MDC and the Town of Boomfield Leisure Services as part of this event. The road race itself starts at 9:30AM.

The road race is followed by the parade assembly at 11:00AM with the parade stepping off at 11:30AM.

Getting Involved

If you can participate, or are interested in either event, please contact Mark, WA1VVB (WA1VVB “at” ARRL.net) or Josh, AC1N.


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