BARENS March 27, 2012

28 Mar

Check ins for the net at 7pm:

  1. Net control  KB1WFI, Mary, So. Windsor, comm power
  2. AB1LZ      Bill mobile, parked  E. Htfd.
  3. AB1OD     Michael, mobile,   E. Windsor, battery power
  4. W1SL       Woody, Bloomfield, comm. power
  5. K1PZS      Harv, Granby, battery power
  6. WA1ICN    Ashley, Simsbury, battery power
  7. W1FTE     Skip,  Granby, comm. power
  8. KB1WFF   Dan, Weatogue, battery power

Bill reported that while a group of members were painting up at the shack where the repeater is, Josh noticed the repeater going offline.  Essentially the power supply dropped out and the repeater dropped out and had to recyle power on the power supply to bring it back.  We believe this is the 2nd power supply that’s had this effect.  Bill asked for comment from Ashley.

Ashley said as far as the repeater shutting down, that it probably is a common problem. The power there might be recycling on and off and tripping the current limit on the power supply.   There is a crowbar, which is an overload protection circuit, on the power supply and there is an additional crowbar circuit that was added to the the repeater.  So that’s a 2 crowbar circuit that was tripped off.  He thinks it’s the power supply over current protection that is being tripped off – electric current losing power or browning out or such.  He believes that the Astron power supplies themselves suffer from that problem  Also,it could be site dependent, that the electric power up there isn’t as reliable as it was down at the other site.  Ashley will speak w/ Don and Josh about it.

Harv reminded all of the VE session on Saturday.

KB1WFF, Dan, late check-in, reported an upcoming Skywarn class in May  in Canton, CT and an Emcom class, in May in West Haven, CT.

Skip was having some difficulty receiving from his rig.  Bill suggested that Ashley might be able to help w/ diagnosing the problem.  Ashley offered to speak w/  Skip about it after the net.

Net closed about 7:20p.m.


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