BARENS February 7, 2012

7 Feb

Net started 7:01PM local by AC1N (Mobile).


  1. W1FTE, Skip, Granby
  2. AB1LZ, Bill, Weatogue
  3. AB1OD, Michael, Mobile
  4. KB1WFI, Mary, South Windsor
  5. K1PZS, Harv, Granby
  6. K1IN, Don, Windsor
  7. KB1KCB, Cliff (late checkin)


  • K1IN: New ham – Technician – at Windsor High School. His first QSO was on HF with Don as Control Operator. Also, VE Session on Feb. 25.
  • W1FTE: Will be meeting tomorrow (Feb 8, 2012) with Ed Darcy, KD1AF, head of Granby CERT in preparation for a presentation on amateur radio to the Granby CERT team (thank you Skip for the correction – AC1N)
  • AB1LZ: Answered K1IN’s query about the TOT on the repeater. It is believed to be a 555 circuit. AC1N will send along docs we have.
  • AC1N: Will send out docs on the repeater system.

Net closed 7:23 by AC1N Net Control (mobile).


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