BARENS January 31, 2012

4 Feb

Net started 7PM local by AB1OD.


  1. AB1OD, Michael, Windsor, commercial Net Control
  2. AB1LZ, Bill, Weatogue, battery
  3. KB1WFI, Mary, South Windsor, commercial
  4. W1FTE, Skip, Granby, commercial
  5. K1PZS, Harv, Granby, commercial
  6. K1IN, Don, Windsor, commercial
  7. W1SL, Woody, Bloomfield, commercial


  • Skip reported on some AM enthusiasts from Massachusetts playing on some older rigs at W1HQ while he was on tour guide duty at League Headquarters, and spoke favorably of the service over at Interstate Battery in Bloomfield, where he was able to pick up a 40 amp-hour battery with a dented post at scrap value, and to get on a list for swap-out batteries when they become available
  • Don mentioned that he will be at Windsor High on Wednesday helping a new ham get on the air.  He asked if one or two net participants might be interested in monitoring .82 to have a QSO with the student.
  • Harv advised us that the Hampden County club will meet in its usual location at 7:30pm on Friday evening, where the topic of discussion will be the show-and-tell of DIY projects.

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