BARENS November 29, 2011

6 Dec

Net Control was AB1LZ, Bill. The Net Started at 19:00 local time.

Checkins included:

  1. AB1LZ – Bill, Net Control
  2. AC1N – Josh
  3. K1IN – Don
  4. K1PZS – Harve
  5. KB1WFI – Mary
  6. KA1DJ- Irwin
  7. KB1KCB – Cliff
  8. WA1ICN – Ashley
  9. W1FTE – Skip
  10. W1SL – Woody
Discussion during the net:
  1. We had a great turnout.  We had some lively discussions, with a lot of talk after the net on what Mary should get for an HT.
  2. Skip thinks he has a key to the museum, but there are some who think a meeting there would be a waste of time.

Net closed by Bill AB1LZ Net Control.


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