BARENS November 15, 2011

16 Nov

Net Control was AC1N, Josh. The Net Started at 19:03 local time. Mary, KB1WFI joined the net tonight, after recently having earned her technician license. Congrats from all of us!

Checkins included:

  1. AC1N (Net Control) Josh, Bloomfield, Portable
  2. K1IN, Don, Mobile
  3. AB1OD, Michael, Windsor, Commercial Power
  4. KB1WFI, Mary, South Windsor, Mobile*
  5. WA1ICN, Ashley, Simsbury, Battery Power
  6. AB1LZ, Bill, Hebron, Mobile
  7. KB1KCB, Cliff, Bloomfield, Commercial Power
  8. W1SL, Woody, Bloomfield, Battery Power
  9. K1PZS, Harv, Granby, Battery Power
Discussion during the net:
  1. K1IN: VE Session on 19th. Congratulations to Mary!
  2. AB1OD: Welcome Mary!
  3. WA1ICN: Wishing Mary well
  4. AB1LZ: Mary has already been net control for the NE Region 3 Net for Granby ARES
  5. KB1KCB: Welcome aboard Mary. Query to K1IN – has K1IN’s key. What is repeater location?
  6. W1SL: Welcome Mary, no other traffic.
  7. K1PZS: Good turnout on tonight’s net. Has been listening to repeater – concerned about emergency power for it (went down during storm), repeater has also been very quiet.
  8. AC1N and WA1ICN commented on the repeater power – WA1ICN suggested using generator. Discussed IDer issue as being likely thermal. AC1N talked about adding more features to repeater to drive increased traffic / utilization. Recognized need to move repeater to make it more effective – coordinator needs more documentation to make decision.
  9. AC1N commented on excellent net turnout, also congrats to Mary and suggested net control at some point.
Net closed 19:23 by AC1N Net Control.

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