BARENS September 6, 2011

7 Sep

Net started 8:06PM by AC1N Net Control

Thank you to K1IN for reminding me to get on the air! – AC1N

Checkins as follows:

  1. AC1N – Josh – Net Control – Bloomfield – Portable
  2. WA1ICN – Ashley – Simsbury – Battery
  3. K1PAI – Roger – Wethersfield – Commercial
  4. AB1LZ – Bill – Weatogue – Battery
  5. K1IN – Don – Windsor – Battery
  6. W1CNI – Dan – Emergency Power
  • AC1N: Reminder about next week’s face to face meeting, suggestion to move time of nets to 7PM, in-person meetings to a day other than Tuesdays (ie.Wed, Thursday, or Saturdays). Thank you again for all help during Irene.
  • K1PAI: WX station is down – should be back up on Thursday. Lost PC from surge after power restored post-Irene. Join the WX Net on Thursdays @ 9PM.
  • WA1ICN: 7PM move for net
  • AB1LZ: 7PM move a good idea, after 8:30 is problematic
  • K1IN: Tuesdays are fine, Thursdays are next choice. VE Activity is Sept. 24 Sat- 9AM at BPD. CT DX Assoc. meeting is Wed. Sept. 7, 2011.
  • W1CNI: No comments.

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