BARENS July 26, 2011

27 Jul

AB1OD Net Control.

Check-ins on 145.23:

  1. Michael, AB1OD, Windsor, commercial power
  2. Roger, K1PAI, Wethersfield commercial power
  3. Nelson, WB1AET, Broad Brook, commercial power

No stations heard on 146.82 or 146.22.

Roger said he wasn’t feeling very talkative after running the Skywarn
net for an hour and a half.  He did mention that the band was open
tonight; he was hearing the Boston-area repeaters on 146.82 and 145.23
when those machines weren’t keyed up.  He advised that he was able to
hear the W1CWA ID on .82, but wasn’t able to key up the machine

Nelson said hello, and advised that he was a referral from Skip, W1FTE.

Net control note: when using 145.23, be advised that some stations
using the W1BOS repeater (Boston’s 145.23) also key up K1YON as Ted (K1YON)
doesn’t have PL.  Boston’s NTS net occurs at 8pm nightly on W1BOS.

AC1N: Thank you Michael for taking Net Control Duties, under somewhat more unusual circumstances. The Net will continue to be held on the K1YON repeater until 146.82 is back online – hopefully sooner rather than later!


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