BARENS July 19, 2011

23 Jul

K1IN was the assigned net control for 7/19/2011. The repeater’s receive antenna has suffered a confirmed lightning strike, and part of the antenna was found on the ground. The net was conducted partly on simplex, and partly using the repeater although stations wishing to speak through the repeater needed to be within a mile or so of the repeater site.

From K1IN:

I was the only one able to hit the repeater, and that was because I was parked at the Bloomfield Fire Dept. Station on W. Dudleytown Rd. right around the corner from BVA.  Everyone else was transmitting simplex.  So the repeater was not functional enough for a meeting.

I could get Q4 to Q5 copy from Josh AC1N, Ashley WA1ICN and Bill AB!LZ, but intermittent copy from Michael AB1OD.
73 de Don

Please check back soon for further updates on the repeater repair status.


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