BARENS July 5, 2011

5 Jul

AC1N Was Net Control – The Net Started at 8:03PM Local Time.


  1. AC1N, Josh – Bloomfield, Mobile.
  2. AB1OD, Michael – Windsor, Comm.
  3. W1FTE, Skip – Mobile
  4. W1SL, Woody – Bloomfield, Comm.
  5. K1IN, Don – Windsor, Emergency Pwr.


  1. AC1N: Will try
  2. AB1OD: Observation – 1/4 mile doesn’t seem much until laying out bunch of radials!
  3. W1FTE: <loss of signal due to coverage> “73,73,73”
  4. W1SL: Thank you all who participated in [Field Day].
  5. K1IN: Really enjoyable, echo Woody’s comment. Lost signal (K1IN battery).
Net Closed 8:14PM.

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