BARENS June 28, 2011

28 Jun

AC1N Was Net Control – The Net Started at 8:03PM Local Time.


  1. AC1N, Josh – Bloomfield, Mobile
  2. W1FTE, Skip – Granby, Comm
  3. AB1LZ, Bill – Weatogue, Battery
  4. AB1OD, Michael – Windsor, Comm
  5. N1ABN, Dick – Granby, HT / 5W
  6. K1PZS, Harv – Granby, Comm


  1. AC1N: Thank you again for helping create a wonderful, exciting Field Day, my (AC1N) best ever. Thank you to Bill, AB1LZ FD Chair, and Michael, AB1OD GOTA especially!  Thank you Skip for bringing your family, and Harv for the generator!
  2. W1FTEDelighted wife & 3 granddaughters wanted to visit our pavilion for Field Day – brought back a lot of memories – would like to stay longer. Did go back to museum after us – no one there – rigs shut off – museum not open to 1PM. Made a few contacts – shut down 2PM – will be submitting their logs. Great job for BARC.
  3. AB1LZ: Thank you to all who participated. Thank you to all who showed up. This is only his 2nd FD. Last year quarters more comfortable. Thank you to Michael for logs, GOTA, analysis, new modes he tried out. For record – Ashley left cup out, there was over 1” in an hour. There was a lake coming to my tent! Mentioned it to Roger on ARES Net.
  4. AB1OD: My best (1st) FD ever! Where’s Don. He had a bear pass through yard play with antenna.
  5. N1ABN: Had a good time playing tic-tac-toe with Michael over NTS. Thinking of doing something similar for E. Granby EOC.
  6. K1PZS: Have to admit he wasn’t sure what GOTA station would do for us, has to admit, having it located right at entrance to pavilion it was in perfect position to greet guests. Something to remember. Thank those who bringing food – was a few worrisome moments operating in rain, but that’s about it.
Net Closed 8:18PM.

One Response to “BARENS June 28, 2011”

  1. W1CNI July 3, 2011 at 18:24 #

    Good. Thx. Dan W1CNI

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