BARENS June 21, 2011

22 Jun
Everybody seems to be ready and looking forward to field day.
  1. AB1LZ – Net Control
  2. AC1N – Josh, Bloomfield, Portable, 5W, has new analyzer that he will bring to field day
  3. AB1OD Michael, Windsor, Commercial Power
  4. W1SL – Woody,  Climbed Talcott Mtn and says that there are 2×4 tables in the pavillion.
  5. K1PZS – Harve, bringing generator, gas, and his cooler
  6. KA1DJ – Erwin  Will help set-up
  7. N1ABN – Will come to field day, but wants directions.  Please include link to web-site in minutes.
  8. KB1TMU – John Granby Commercial
At around 8:15, the noise on the signal from the repeater became excessively noisy at my location.  It likely has to do with the path to my QTH, because I had similar noise on the input frequency. Nobody else complained of noise, but I really could not hear all that was going on.
The ARRL training manual for the license exam says that a net control should have a strong station that everyone can hear.  I think they should add that Net Control requires the ability to hear everyone also, or must at least be able to hear relays.  In my case, I could not even hear the repeater reliably.
I would suggest that I should not volunteer for net control until we either increase power, or move the repeater.  I had to close the net virtually blind because I could not hear whether or not others were getting in.  There were several patches of clear audio, separated by long trains of static.
– Bill

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