You’re Invited – Field Day 2011

16 Jun

Saturday, June 25 from 1PM – Sunday, June 26 4PM. On-air operations start at approximately 2PM and continue for 24 hours.

FREE to the public. FREE parking at the base of the trail.

2 Day Event – Visit on Saturday, Sunday or both!

Whether you are a licensed amateur radio operator or not, you’re invited to join us at Heublein Tower, 900+ feet above sea level, overlooking Bloomfield and Windsor to the West and Simsbury, Avon, and Canton to the West. Our signals are strong from this location, with excellent hiking and beautiful views all around. On a clear day, you can see almost all the way to Long Island Sound.

If you are wondering what amateur radio is all about, or why it’s even relevant with reliable cellular and Internet communications, come join us! We will be out demonstrating amateur radio capabilities under emergency conditions, practicing operating technique, and making contacts throughout the country (and possibly around the world) for points. For more information on the annual Field Day event, please visit the ARRL’s website.

“Ham” radio is great for education – a fun activity for kids and adults, and a good way to learn electronics, from vacuum tubes, to digital signal processing. It has been the spark that led to many successful careers and commercial ventures (including cell phones).

The event is free and runs both Saturday and Sunday June 25-26. We will be at the covered pavilion right next to Heublein Tower, Talcott Mountain State Park. For more information on our location, including a Google Map, please click here.

Please note: if you can’t make it by the time we are “off air” under Field Day rules, we will still do our best to get you on the air to try ham radio (we just won’t get “points” for it).

Accessibility: The tower and pavilion are accessible by walking. If you need to drive, we do have access to a private road that allows you to drive directly to our location. Please contact Josh, AC1N or Dan, W1CNI for further information.


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