BARENS Net 6/7/2011

8 Jun

Here are tonight’s minutes:


  1.  AB1OD, Michael, Windsor, commercial power
  2. W1FTE, Skip, East Granby EOC, generator power
  3. AB1LZ, Bill, Weatogure, commercial power
  4. W1SL, Woody, Bloomfield, battery power
  5. K1IN, Don, Windsor, battery power
  6. KB1TMU, John, Granby, commercial power

Skip reported that he was at the East Granby EOC for a meeting to discuss the final arrangements for the Jim Calhoun race, and that the EOC had unexpectedly switched to generator power from commercial power prior to the net.

There was a brief discussion about some of the differences between the amateur radio set up at last year’s Calhoun race and this year’s.
Skip extended sympathies to the victims of last week’s tornado. Michael reminded the net of Josh, AC1N’s request that any computers being volunteered for Field Day use be brought to next week’s meeting if possible for configuration and testing.
The net closed at 8:15.


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