BARENS May 31, 2011

3 Jun

Mark, K1MGM was Net Control and commenced the net at 8:00PM local time.


  1. WA1ICN – Ashley – Battery power – No Traffic
  2. W1FTE – Skip – Commercial power – Looking forward to Field Day. Mentioned that he spoke to Penny (at the League) about bringing her grandson up to F.D.
  3. AB1OD – Michael – Commercial power – No traffic
  4. W1TMS (Talcott Mt Science Ctr, Don, K1IN) – Commercial power – Was watching the astronauts on NASA TV. Mentioned about three hams being on the return flight, one of the hams was Italian.
  5. AB1LZ – Bill – Commercial power – No traffic
  6. AC1N – Josh – Battery power – Reminding everyone about the MS bike tour on Sunday, June 5
  7. KB1TMU – John – Commercial power – No traffic

Net closed at 8:16 pm Mark, K1MGM, Net Control


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