BARENS May 24, 2011

26 May

Net started at 8:01PM by AC1N Net Control


  1. AC1N – Josh – Bloomfield – Mobile / Battery
  2. AB1LZ – Bill – Weatogue – Commercial power
  3. W1FTE – Skip – Granby  – Commercial power
  4. AB1OD – Michael – Windsor – Commercial Power
  5. N1ABN – Dick – Granby – Commercial Power
  6. K1IN – Don – Bloomfield – Mobile
  7. WA1ICN – Ashley – Battery / Emergency Power


  1. AC1N – Reminder regarding June 4 MS Bike Tour.
  2. AB1LZ – no specific traffic – still working on field day – needs feedback on field day equipment list.
  3. W1FTE  – did have interesting day at ARRL – 15 hams from China arrived – he gave them tour of league. Getting ready for FD with museum or BARC. Not sure if the Chinese group went to Dayton or not (response to K1IN Query).
  4. AB1OD – Nothing for net – deviation a bit low on the rptr. 2 on his S meter.
  5. N1ABN – no traffic, little noise on rptr, but all readable.
  6. K1IN – listening to maritime net – nothing heard regarding ham response to Joplin  tornado, wondering if hams visited Dayton. AC1N and WA1ICN commented on Maritime net / response to Joplin tornado. NASA TV: watch the space station docking with Endeavour.
  7. WA1ICN – no news or traffic –  comment to K1IN: Katrina – difficult to find hams passing traffic. Not surprised that K1IN is not hearing 14.300 MHz emcomm traffic. Greater volume of hams seemed to check in after Haiti quake.

Net closed 8:23PM


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