BARENS May 17, 2011

18 May

Net Control, Bill AB1LZ

Check-ins for the Barens Net:

  1. AB1LZ – Bill, Net Control, Commercial Power (35, then 50 W)
  2. W1FTE – Skip, Commercial Power
  3. AC1N -Josh, Portable
  4. AB1OD – Michael, Commercial Power
  5. W1SL – Woody, Battery
  6. W1TMU, John – Commercial Power, 45 W
  7. N1ABN, Dick, Commercial Power

W1FTE suggested setting up road signs announcing the Field Day and Location. Discussion centered on the difficulty with parking/ or parking and hiking. Josh suggested the alternative of putting up signs around the Heublein Tower directing hikers to the pavilion. We need to check the permits and see if that would be allowed.

Dick asked about the transmitters and antennas for field day. Answer :

  • 3 alpha, probably various HF bands.
  • Rules permit free UHF/VHF station
  • Rules permit free GOTA station.
  • Plan on using the traditional club antennas unless someone has a different suggestion.

Skip mentioned a PVRA meeting tomorrow night open to all HAMS. Check the PVRA web-site for details

Informal discussion after the net noted that the signal conditions deteriorated midway through the net. Suspicions included something that degrades over time with use, or something that periodically interferes with the repeater, probably located at PVRA.

K1PAI checked in after the net and offered his support to help determine the problem.


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